Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The following Terms and Conditions (the Terms) are intended to define the terms and conditions of use, procedures, rights, obligations, responsibilities and other requirements of all service(hereinafter referred to as the Service) available on the Luxury Business Institute Korea homepage. (http://www.lbi-korea.co.kr/) (hereinafter referred to as the Website)

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The terms used in this Terms and Conditions of use are defined as follows:

User: A person who can use the services provided by the website under these terms and conditions.
Join: An act to complete a service contract by filling out the information on the application form provided by the Website and agreeing to these terms and conditions
Member: Individual(Including Overseas Koreans and foreign residents in Korea) or corporation who joined to be a member by providing personal information to this website. They can use the information and services provided by this website.
ID: A unique combination of letters and numbers set up by the member for the identification of members and service use.
Password: A combination of letters and numbers chosen by the users themselves to ensure that the user and ID match and to protect their own confidentiality online.
Withdrawal : An act to terminate a service contract by a member
Terms not defined here shall be defined in separate Terms and Conditions and regulations for use of each service or defined according to general concept.

Article 3 (Effect and modification of the Terms and Conditions)
The Website will provide services to you on the condition that you agree to these terms and conditions. If you agree, these Terms shall apply primarily to the acts of providing services on this Website and to your use of the Services.
LBI Korea may change these Terms and Conditions of this website, and will notify the changed Terms and Conditions within the Website so that you can check them for yourself. If the terms and conditions are changed, the application date and reason of the change shall be specified and notified within the website 30 days before the application date. If the user does not explicitly express his or her intention to refuse after notification of a change of the Terms and Conditions, the user is deemed to have agreed to the it. If the user does not agree to the changed Terms, user can cancel (sign – out) his or her membership.

Article 4 (Other regulations)
These terms and conditions shall apply in conjunction with the Regulations for Use and separate terms for the services provided by this Website.
Matters not specified in these Terms shall follow the provisions of the relevant statutes.

2. Provision and Utilization of Service

Article 5 (Establishment of a service contract)
The service contract shall be made when the applicant records the requirements of the application form provided by the website and has completed the consent of these terms and conditions.
The Website may cancel your subscription for any of the following terms:
   1. When you applied under another person’s name
   2. When you falsely fill out an application form
   3. When you apply for the purpose of undermining social order or good customs
   4. When you prevent someone from using this website service or steal that information
   5. In case you use the Website for acts prohibited by statute and this Terms
   6. When you dont meet the application requirements set by the Website
You may defer the contract in the following cases until the reason for the website’s failure gets solved.
   1. In case of service interruption due to technical failure (System Manager intentional and innocent disk failure without system managers intention and mistake, system down, etc.)
   2. In case the telecommunications service is stopped by a common carrier under the Telecommunications Business Act
   3. In case of war, accident, natural disaster or equivalent national emergency
   4. In case it is unavoidable for an urgent system inspection, extension, or repair
   5. In case of a failure of a service facility or a congestion of service use. And if there are other reasons that service can not be provided.
The services provided by the Website are as follows. And it will be notified to the users if the contents of the service change. To non-members, it is only possible to provide part of the service.
   1. Any service that the Company self-developed or developed through collaboration with other organizations

Article 6(Agreement to use member’s information)
All personal information processed by this website is protected by complying with the privacy regulations of the relevant laws, such as the Privacy Act.
The website will collect minimum information you agree to provide at the time of sign-up of our Site Services, unless there are special regulations in other statutes.
A member’s application for use in this Website is deemed to agree that the website collects and uses the member information contained in the application in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
The website may go through a verification process for the authenticity of the member information and verification of the affiliated organization.

Article 7(Security of User’s Information)
You are responsible for maintaining secret of the personal information from the moment that the applicant completes the registration process for the website service. The member shall be responsible for all results that occur using the member’s ID and password.
The members are responsible for all management of their IDs and passwords, and if they find that their IDs or passwords have been used fraudulently, they shall report them to the website immediately. The member shall be responsible for not reporting.
You shall ensure that you properly log-out at the end of each use of the website service. In the case that you didnt log-out, the website is not liable for damages or losses resulting from third parties accessing your personal information.
If you lose your password, you will be notified via email or SMS. However, the member shall be responsible for problems caused by his fault or negligence in managing his or her information, such as entering an e-mail address or mobile phone number incorrectly at the moment of sing-up.
For the protection and management of personal information, the user can modify or delete personal information at personal information setting space of the website.

Article 8 (Service hours)
As a rule, the service hours shall be 24 hours a day, 7 days a year, unless there is a technical or business disruption to the website.

The service time specified in shall be excluded from the date or time specified by the website due to the need for regular inspection.

Article 9 (Stopping services, Storing and using information)
In the case that the contents of stored or transmitted messages on the website service are not kept or deleted due to a national emergency, power outage, failure of the service facility and other force majeure, the website is not liable for any related losses.
If the website has to temporarily stop the service because the company is not able to provide normal service for some reasons, company should notice it a week before the service is stopped. The website shall not be liable for your failure to recognize the notice during this period. In inevitable circumstances, the above advance notice period may be reduced or omitted. In addition, the Website is not liable for any loss if the contents of messages & communication data are not stored or deleted due to the service suspension.
If the service is required to be permanently discontinued due to inevitable circumstances of the company, it shall be subject to paragraph . In this case, however, the advance notice period is one month.
This website may temporarily modify, alter, and suspend services after notice and company is not liable to you or any third party for this.
In the event of a user’s behavior that violates this terms and conditions, the website may limit or suspend his or her use of the service. In this case, the company may prevent these users from accessing the website.
If a user has not accessed the website for a long time, the company may suspend the his or her use of the service through the review period after guiding the user with e-mail or notice.

Article 10 (Change and revocation of services)
The website shall not be liable for any profit & loss you expect from the use of the Service or for any loss caused by the materials you obtain through the service. In addition, the company shall not be liable for the service contents (credibility and accuracy of information, data and facts) that users have read.
The website shall not be liable for damages caused by the users’ malice or negligence.
For users who do not agree to the collection or utilization of personal information every five years on the website, their information can be deleted after the announcement through e-mail or notice.

Article 11 (Provide information and publish promotional materials)
The website can provide various information and ads related to the service to its members through e-mail, SMS, and messenger. Those who do not want the information can refuse.
The site may publish promotional materials that are deemed appropriate for the service.

Article 12 (Copyright of posts submitted to the website)
You have the right to the content of your posts.
The website has the right to edit and move published contents without notice. And the company can delete the contents without notice for the following case:
   1. In case you have posted contents that are in violation of these Terms of Service or that are commercial, illegal, obscene or offensive
   2. In case the contents cause a libel or slander on another member or third party
   3. In case of violation of public order and common customs
   4. Contents that are recognized to be associated with a criminal action
   5. In case the content violates the copyright of a third party or other rights
   6. In case the contents violate other relevant laws
You shall be solely responsible for the civil and criminal responsibilities of your postings as they violate the copyright of others.

Article 13(User behavior norms and Restrict of service usage)
If the information you provide is found to be false, or if there is a reasonable reason to suspect, the website may suspend any or all of your service.
It is the Users who are responsible for all forms of information they have published, transmitted, obtained, or otherwise obtained through our website services by e-mail or by any other means. The website is not responsible for any of the above.
The Site does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and quality of the services provided by users or other agencies other than those provided by the website. Therefore, the website shall not be liable for any loss or damage you may incur by using the above.
You agree that you will not:
   1. Steal another’s ID and password.
   2. Transmit or post any content that may be obscene, insulting, threatening or infringe upon another’s privacy.
   3. Disguise the source of the contents transmitted through the service.
   4. Post contents that violate the law or contract and transmit it through the e-mail or other means.
   5. Post contents that violate other people’s patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and other intellectual property rights. Or transmit it by e-mail or other means.
   6. Post unapproved advertisements, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, good luck letters, pyramid recommendations or send them by e-mail.
   7. Collect or store other users ‘ personal information.
   8. Post or e-mail a software virus to destroy or limit computer software, hardware, and telecommunications equipment.
   9. Obstruct the stable operation of services.
The website may delete all information related to the service without the consent of the user if the user has violated these terms and conditions.

3. Duty and responsibility

Article 14(Obligations of the website)
This website shall not perform acts that are prohibited by law and these terms and that violate the common customs. We also have a duty to strive to deliver services continuously and reliably.
The website shall not disclose or distribute the users information acquired for service provision to others without their consent and shall not use it for commercial purposes. However, this shall not be the case when the relevant national institutions require it under relevant laws, such as telecommunication law.
The website is not responsible for service use failures caused by reasons attributable to the users.
The website shall promptly handle any complaints from the users concerning the service. In the case immediate processing is difficult, the company shall notify the user of the reason and the schedule for handling it by means of a website, telephone, e-mail, or fax.

Article 15(Member’s duty)
The information required for membership must be entered accurately. You also need to maintain and update your information to ensure that it is accurate. The member shall not let a third party use his ID or password.
The user shall not conduct any profit-making activity by using the service without prior consent of the website.
The users shall not copy, reproduce, alter, translate, publish, broadcast or provide information obtained through the website service without prior consent from the website.
You agree that you will not:
   1. Use the ID of another user.
   2. Commit a criminal or other criminal act.
   3. Impair good manners and other social order.
   4. Hurt or insult another’s reputation.
   5. Infringe upon another’s intellectual property rights.
   6. Hack into websites or spread computer viruses
   7. Consistently send out certain information, such as advertising information, against the will of others
   8. Obstruct the stable operation of services.
   9. Change information posted on the website

4. More

Article 16 (Ownership of the website)
LBI Korea or the copyright holder have intellectual property rights and other rights related to services provided by this website, such as software, images, marks, logos, designs, service names, information and trademarks.
Except as expressly approved by the website, you may not modify, rent, loan, sell, distribute, produce, transfer, or otherwise set up a commercial act in whole or in part of each property specified in the preceding paragraph. Nor can you allow a third party to do such a thing.

Article 17 (No Transfer)
The member shall not transfer or give the rights to use the service or other service contract status to another person, and cannot provide the service as collateral.

Article 18 (Compensation for damages)
Except for crimes purposely committed by the website, LBI Korea shall not be liable for any damages related to the service provided for free on the website.
Article 19 (Indemnity Clause)
The website shall not be liable for damages caused to the user by the suspension of the service in accordance with Article 10.
This website has no obligation to be confident or representative of any comments or information expressed in the service. We also do not approve, object or modify opinions expressed by members or third parties. In no event shall the website be liable for any gains or damages caused to the member through the service information.
The website shall not be liable for any transactions through our service between our users and third parties. In addition, LBI Korea shall not be liable for the benefits related to the service use.

Article 20 (Competent Court)
Korean law applies to conflicts concerning the use of services between the Website and users. The case of this dispute will be submitted to the competent court at Address of LBI Korea.

Supplementary Provision
This terms and conditions shall take effect from 8 June 2018.