Luxury Retail

Education & Training

Education and training services are the core business of LBI Korea, following a specific methodology, LBI Korea designs tailor made training strategies through educational consulting services, innovative pedagogical approaches and pro-active learning paths to maximize the effectiveness of each training program and ensure successful field application.

In addition to LBI Korea permanent trainers specialized in specific field of expertise and market, LBI Korea regularly collaborates with visiting professors and consultants with different profile and expertise: leading specialists, professors and luxury professionals.

LBI Korea 4D methodology and resources is a great asset to develop personalized training strategy, innovative content, and cutting edge follow up service.

This consulting and observation step is crucial to understand the client brand, market, customer profile, internal organization and specificities. At this stage, three perspectives are particularly surveyed: the client experience, the team perception and operations.

All data collected are used as a reference manual to develop customized training content and pedagogical materials according to the brand objectives and participants profile. The “Design” stage is also fundamental as it outlines the learning path, the core of the training strategy, which is composed of 3 essential moments: before to prepare participants, during the facilitation and after the training to consolidate the skills and expertise.

LBI Korea promotes an innovative teaching approach by facilitating the training and enhancing interactivity between participants and the facilitator.  Based on upstream work, LBI Korea team fosters the communication using real case study and creative learning tools making the training more practical with applicable solutions.

It is essential to continuously consolidate and improve training’s participant skills as human capital is a long term investment and it has tremendous impact on the company’s bottom line. Therefore, LBI Korea develops unique follow up services by implementing monitoring and improvement solutions.

Our Institutes & Special Lectures

Since 2009, LBI Korea programs have been developed under 2 Institutes.


1. Quality of Service Institute

Specifically designed for luxury retail, the Quality of Service Institute proposes an innovative approach enhancing the client enchantment while maximizing sales.


The Luxury Service Mindset program enhances the customer emotional experience by enriching the verbal and non verbal communication and adapting the service to the client profile and expectations.


The Luxury Sales Expertise program focus on maximizing sales through sales and negotiations techniques and reinforcing the retail staff confidence in the selling ceremony.


The Luxury Service Adaptation program integrates the client cultural differences in the sales approach and the necessity of adjusting brand ambassador attitude and behavior while hosting a client.


The Luxury Brand Experience program improves client understanding through field experience and raise the standards of service quality by identifying luxury industry best practices and creating added value to the service delivered.


The Luxury Service Design program position sales people as brand ambassadors to enhance the emotional experience as well as identifying the bespoke service signatures to reinforce the brand promise.

2. Marketing & Communication Institute

The Marketing and Communication Institute defines the marketing and communication actions according to the specific codes of the luxury sector and to its clientele.


The Luxury Brand Marketing program provides an overview of all fundamentals marketing concepts. Starting from understanding the customer psychology and behavior, conducting a market analysis and preparing the offer with sector declinations and price positioning, the Luxury Brand Marketing program focuses on building a strong brand based on its identity, creation, positioning and differentiation.


The Leadership & Coaching program supports manager to lead self, individuals and teams towards higher performances by developing leadership skills and key competencies for successful business management and identifying a range of leadership and coaching styles for different types of individuals to create a motivating work environment.


The Luxury Store Management Excellence Program enriches expertise on store operation and managerial tools to boost store effectiveness and sales performances. This program helps to master how to break down key performance indicators into action and outperform objectives by implementing daily task and drive team efficiently to get high productivity.


The Visual Merchandising program broadens expertise, know-how and insight on visual merchandising to increase store traffic and actively contribute in reaching higher key performance indicators.