Beauty & Cosmetic

The beauty & cosmetic industry encompasses a wide range of products and services composed of diverse yet interrelated set of business. Customers are taking a more holistic view of their health and beautification ritual as it can now include a periodic massage or a treat at the spa.

The beauty & cosmetic industry can be broadly separated between products and services even though many brands are offering both focusing either on the inexpensive or the luxury market. With the economic downturn, clients tend to be more price-conscious and give mass market products more consideration over high-end products.

As well, clients of beauty industry products tend to be brand loyal and share what works for them with their community. Therefore, switching to a new product or brand takes some extra incentives to captivate new customers and develop their loyalty.

LBI Korea proposes adapted solutions to the beauty & cosmetic industry by developing tailor made solutions to each beauty and cosmetic brands.