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[LBI Voice] Helene Zhang: Vice President at LBI China

We practiced various methods to help our customers to further identify the real training needs, to help them to make difference between “Problems” and “Needs”.   Tell us about yourself and your work. I am Helene Zhang, Vice President of LBI China, in charge of Business Development, Pedagogical development and training delivery for the luxury… Read more

2017 JEI University GLB Luxury Service Program

LBI Korea has conducted the ‘Luxury Service Program’ for JEI University students as ‘LINC+(Leaders in Industry-university (college) Cooperation+) by the Ministry of Education in Korea. LINC+ is the project of the Ministry of Education to support potential people and assist students to find jobs and corporate organizations to search for hidden talents. JEI University is… Read more

[LBI Voice] Sylvia Hur: Chief Learning Officer at LBI Group

“The training programs for development part are mostly customized to meet the requests and circumstances of each client based on the 4D methodology of LBI.”   Can you briefly introduce yourself and describe what you do? My official designation at LBI is Global Chief Learning Officer (CLO). In general, I develop and strategize training programs,… Read more

[LBI Voice] Kyung Hee Lee: E-leanrning Manager at LBI Group

“E-learning solutions can be very appealing to companies and schools that have a strong need or desire to deliver consistent education programs for employees in all offices around the world.”     Tell us about yourself and your work. With my Ph.D in Education. I have been developing education programs and curriculums. Also I work… Read more

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