[LBI Voice]Suzie OH: Senior Training Manager – Hospitality

Suzie OH

Senior Training Manager for Hospitality, LBI Korea



Q1. Could you explain your professional experiences and current role in LBI?


– I have worked in the hotel industry for about 20 years. After studying hotel management in Switzerland, the Hyatt Regency Chicago was my first job. Since then, I’ve been in charge of the Room, Training, Human Resources in different hotels such as Hyatt Regency Saipan, Grand Hyatt Incheon, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul and Hilton Busan. I recently joined LBI Korea and here I’m working as Senior Training Manager for Hospitality.




Q2. How do you see the evolution of the hospitality industry in Korea?


– The Hospitality market is not only competitive in Korea but also globally. Each of the global chain hotels has a diverse brand portfolio, and major Korean hotels are also aggressively positioning themselves through diversification, introducing the traditional five-star hotels and Business hotels as well as boutique hotels. In addition, Airbnb has recently emerged as a major threat to the traditional Hospitality industry. In the midst of this over-supply, hotels are trying to differentiate their services. From the customer’s perspective, this is a great opportunity to have luxury experience with a wealth of choice. However, Hospitality companies will have to constantly strive to capture clients seeking a unique and special experience and after all, to occupy the dominant position in this fierce competition.


Q3. What are the strengths of LBI Korea hospitality training solutions?


– Established in 2009, LBI Korea is the first consulting and training company specialized in the Luxury industry. There are a lot of educational consulting companies in Korea, but LBI Korea is the only one focusing on developing professional training programs in the luxury sectors. Corporate know-how accumulated over the past nine years by providing a variety of training and consulting services to luxury and premium brand customers, Professional instructors with long job experience in the Hospitality Industry, our unique 4D methodology for developing customized training programs for each client’s needs are the biggest strengths of LBI Korea hospitality training.


Q4. We heard that you are developing e-Movie Learning blended program specialized in Hospitality service. Could you explain the detail?


– So many e-learning already exist, but ‘e-Movie’ learning is not very common. Based on this unique online program focused on the luxury service mindset, we are developing a blended training program called “Luxury Client Experience”. I’m certain that it is a powerful teaching methodology that maximizes the effectiveness of learning by combining online program with offline training. For each client company, LBI develops customized training solution which meets their needs among three options: “Luxury Attitude”, “Luxury Client Experience Delivery” and ” Luxury Client Experience Management”. Of course it is also available to individuals who wish to develop their career in the hospitality and luxury retail industries.


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