[LBI Voice] Crystal CHOI: Training Director of LBI Korea

Crystal CHOI

Training Director, LBI Korea



Q1. What are your experiences and role in LBI?


– After graduation, I started my career as a secretary at the Swedish Embassy. During that period, I was able to acquire not only the flexibility which is an important ability no matter what you do, but also the customer-centered service mindset which is a core element in B2B business in LBI. Before current job, I also worked as an educator in the domestic sales team of Samsung Electronics. And now here in LBI, I design and develop the education programs and also give a lecture as a training director.


Q2. How do you see the training market in Korea?


– It’s true that there is very severe competition these days among the companies in every industry in Korea. You can call it a crisis, but I think it’s a great opportunity to strengthen LBI’s position. That’s because the value of human resources is relatively rising coupled with the big changes from the 4th Industrial Revolution, and naturally the training, which is essential to the growth and development of ‘human beings’, is also getting more important. So I think the growth potential of LBI, with clearly differentiated programs, is very optimistic compared to other education providers.


Q3. What are the strengths of LBI Korea training solutions?


– The most important strength of LBI is to provide the optimized tailor-made program that meets the client’s specific needs through our 4D Methodology (Define, Design, Deploy, Drive). But most of all, it is LBI Korea’s talented instructors who make it possible by doing their best from preparation to execution and follow-up for each training.


Q4. Can you introduce the most significant training program of LBI?


– The saying “Every child is dear to his parents.” comes to mind first, since every program is significant. But if I should choose one of them, I would emphasize ‘Art of Leadership’ and ‘Coaching Skill’ because it is the leader who influences team performance the most. After the training, many leaders were able to reflect on their current leadership and realize what they could complement themselves to motivate their people and to foster the competent employees. They even felt really sorry not to have taken these classes earlier.


Q5. What is the most important project you had in LBI?


– I can’t help discussing the Boutique Manager Management (BMM) program we’ve been working on since last year for one of the major international luxury group. It’s a program in which managers of each brand can learn everything they need to run their boutique. Among its different training modules, my three-day module was ‘People Management’, which is one of the biggest concerns for managers. That’s why all the students showed great immersion through heated discussion and participation every class, and it was also a valuable time for them to learn from each other by sharing their experience. The success of the first BMM program of last year has led to a successful second term and a third program is scheduled to open in the second half year. I was proud not only to have been able to prove LBI’s expertise & know-how in the luxury retail training, but also to build a strong confidence to the managers.