[LBI Partners]Visit of Rayli Magazine delegation

Luxury Business Institute (hereinafter LBI) has signed a partnership with Rayli Magazine House.


Founded in 1954, China Light Industry Press(CHLIP) is the owner of Rayli Magazine and is one of the largest editors in China. Rayli magazine developed a variety of related business such as organizing model training and holding China’s largest model contests. Recently, the company is especially focusing on fostering Chinese premium brands, with ambition towards luxury market brands. And LBI is under discussions with Rayli to set up a long-term collaboration in China.


From September 5th to 7th, the Rayli delegation visited LBI Korea to deepen their understanding of LBI business and to discuss the future collaboration. Rayli delegation also visited the brand stores (L* and D*) in Shilla Duty-Free, where the LBI is providing training programs and “Mystery shopping” services.


Rayli: “We were very impressed with the excellent service attitude and sales technique which eventually led to the purchase! It was a great opportunity to see and feel the effectiveness of LBI training in the field.”


Through this partnership, LBI and Rayli are discussing several significant opportunities from developing customized programs for both Rayli corporate clients and magazine readers to raise luxury awareness, as well as designing a training curriculum for China Light Luxury Industry to assist brands into their marketing and commercial strategy from Entry luxury level to pure luxury players.