Author: Luxury Business Institute

[LBI Partners]Visit of Rayli Magazine delegation

Luxury Business Institute (hereinafter LBI) has signed a partnership with Rayli Magazine House.   Founded in 1954, China Light Industry Press(CHLIP) is the owner of Rayli Magazine and is one of the largest editors in China. Rayli magazine developed a variety of related business such as organizing model training and holding China’s largest model contests…. Read more

LBI Presentation Master Program In English

Luxury Business Institute Korea Presentation Master Program in English   Luxury Business Institute (LBI) Korea is launching a brand-new Presentation Master Program in English. This program will help you to enhance your confidence level and deliver impactful messages in English to international audiences when speaking at conferences or presenting at company-wide events. Influence your audience… Read more

[LBI Events]Jeju Open Class on Hotel Client Service

LBI Korea is organizing a special “How to differentiate the Hotel Client Service?” free open class in Jeju on 27th June from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. Suzie Oh, Hospitality Training Manager of LBI Korea, will present the communication skills adapted to each client profile to provide an excellent service experience. For registration or further information, do… Read more

LBI ‘e-Movie Learning’ Solution launching

Luxury Business Institute Korea is launching an innovative e-movie learning solution: “Luxury Attitude Academy”, the first internationally recognized certification program in the field of Luxury.   “Luxury Attitude Academy” is the most comprehensive online training program for luxury professionals and individuals aspiring to work in this sector in Korea.       Luxury Business Institute… Read more