e-Movie Learning for Corporates

“Service” is at the cornerstone of the client experience and contributes directly to the business performances.

With the opening of e-Movie Learning, we, at LBI Korea, propose a new pedagogical tool and blended training programs

to boost your team performances through a unique transformation process. 

Increase Service standards

– Motivate and empower your team

– Create a distinctive client experience

– Deliver your brand promise to each client


e-Movie Learning is an innovative, interactive and practical training course.

Developed by luxury professionals with over 20 years of experience, the course is based on a web series of 12 episodes

combining real life situations and creative pedagogy blending online and in class training.


A Unique Training Concept: e-Movie Learning Program!

A multilanguage platform to adapt your verbatim to your environment

Each assessment validates the acquisition of learning and allows to progress on the program

An exclusive platform where luxury professionals gather and interact

A 30 minute drama episode followed by related lectures and activities: Watch, Learn & Act

An opportunity to access exclusive interviews of influential luxury professionals

Each participants can draw a personal action plan with specific objectives and timeline

Each course covers a specific topic related to the Excellence of Service illustrated with concrete examples

A graduation system to identify key performers: Certified, Excellence, Club 100.

Your management has access to each participants activities and progress 

Meet our influential Luxury Experts!

A comprehensive training to own the Luxury Service Mindset!

Dimensions of Service

Professional Dimension
Human Dimension
Aesthetic Dimension

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Emotional Value of Service
Client Satisfaction & Delight
Gift & Debt Theory
On & Off Theory
Proactive Behavior

Client Experience

Brand Promise
Functional vs. Emotional Experience
Service Personalization
Meaning of Gesture

An engaging learning tool!

A recognized training solutions among key players of the Luxury Industry!

A distinctive offer with an exclusive blended training program tailor-made to your brand:

The luxury Client Experience Program

The Luxury Client Experience is declined into 3 options to better answers the needs of each audience as well as your brand ambitions.

Luxury Attitude

  • Challenge your team's perception of Luxury Service
  • Establish a unified Service standard within your team
  • Implement the 3 Dimensions of Service to deliver your Brand Promise

Conveying the Luxury Client Experience

  • Increase the Service standards to raise customer loyalty
  • Develop Personal Action Plans to foster self-development
  • Implement a distinctive Selling Ceremony to guarantee higher sales performances

Managing the Luxury Client Experience

  • Empower managers to lead your Brand Promise
  • Implement Leadership tools to drive and motivate your teams
  • Develop Managerial Action Plans to maximize sales performance and raise Quality of Service

They share their experience!

“… employees can discuss it together and manager can use it too…”
Laurent Delporte, Luxury Hospitality Consultant

“An outstanding innovation… we should have called it the UFO-Learning!”
Jean-Noel Kapferer, international brand management & luxury industry expert


“I savored every episode – as one would savor a rare delicacy or treat.”
Dominique Rouffet, Customer Culture Manger for Long Haul Experience – Air France

“I found the content of the training particularly interesting, especially the participation of great professionals…”
Arnaud Sindezingue, Senior Sales Associates at LADUREE, Paris

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