e-Movie Learning for Corporates Retail Solutions

The Luxury Client Experience Program
Our exclusive retail-oriented blended-training

“Service” is the cornerstone of the Client Experience
and contributes directly to higher brand performances.

Our offer for retail companies consists of blended and customizable training solutions
focused on Quality of Service and Selling Skills.



Convey your brand promise to each client

Improve Service Standards

Create a distinctive client experience

Motivate & Empower your teams

5 reasons to enroll in the e-Movie Learning program

A unique pedagogic approach: Watch, Learn & Act

The e-Movie Learning program balances theory and practice to ensure a complete understanding of the learning modules.

11 Luxury experts exclusive interviews

From global luxury brands HR Directors to luxury hotels General Managers,
access exclusive and valuable insight from recognized specialists among different areas of the Luxury Industry.

Discover our 11 luxury experts!

Empower and strengthen your teams with the Luxury Attitude Certificate

Upon completion and validation of all online modules,
your teams receive their personal certificate.

Monitoring Tools

The e-Movie Learning platform allows your managers to visualize
individual & group progress through assessment reports.

Critical Thinking and Engagement

Trainees are asked to take specific commitments to apply the
theoretical content provided by the platform in order to improve their performance.

12 episodes to master the Luxury Service Mindset

Dimensions of Service

Professional Dimension

Human Dimension

Aesthetic Dimension

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Emotional Value of Service

Client Satisfaction & Delight

Gift & Debt Theory

On & Off Theory

Proactive Behavior

Unique Client Experience

Brand Promise

Functional Vs. Emotional Experience

Service Personalization

Meaning of Gesture

Experience our e-Movie learning through the tutorial video


A recognized training solution among key players of the Luxury Industry

Prestigious brands have resorted to our e-Movie Learning to train their teams
to Master the Luxury Service Mindset.

100% Testimonials from corporates and luxury experts

Dominique Rouffet,

Customer Culture Manager for Long Haul Experience – Air France

“The testimonials from experts, the storyline of the mini-series and its actors, as well as exchanges with the community of learners, were both exciting and enlightening.”

Arnaud Sindezingue,

Senior Sales Associate of LADUREE in Paris

“In my opinion, this training has been designed to fit the requirements of individuals already working in a position involving Client contact. We learned a lot from the hands-on, practical side of the training.”

Laurent Delporte,

Luxury Hospitality Consultant

“Watching a film is a great way to imagine yourself in a situation … once it’s part of your everyday life, you can discuss it with other employees and colleagues.”

Jean-Noel Kapferer,

international brand management & luxury expert

“This program is an outstanding innovation… we should have called it the UFO-Learning!”

The Luxury Client Experience Program

Our unique pedagogic approach was designed to maximize the effectiveness of learning

by combining online program with offline training.

Discover our different Retail customizable deployment options:

Luxury Attitude Blended Training

  • Establish unified standards of Service
  • Master the 3 Dimensions of Service
  • Deliver your Brand Promise

Conveying the Luxury Client Experience

  • Improve Service Standards
  • Reinforce your selling ceremony
  • Increase Sales & Customer Loyalty

Managing the Luxury Client Experience

  • Empower the Management
  • Lead & Drive your Brand Promise
  • Maximize Sales Performance

Program Information

One e-Movie Learning license grants access to the platform for 365 days.

Log-in > My Training

Click  <Start learning>

  • Access the online platform through PC, tablets and/or mobiles devices.
  • Sharing accounts is prohibited.
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